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Ballroom - Latin - & Sequence Dance  Classes

Cha Cha  *  Waltz  *  Jive  *  Foxtrot  *  Rumba  *  Quickstep  *  Samba   *  Tango

Merrilyn  * Tangoette  *  Gypsy Tap  *  Veleta  *  Maxina  *  Lucille Waltz  *  Charmaine

                Chris & Anne Leitch                                                                 Have fun - join the crowd


InStep Dance Studio principals Chris & Anne Leitch have been dancing since their early teens. With over 40 years teaching experience they have taught thousands of people the pleasurable art of ballroom dancing.

Their approach to teaching is first and foremost to have fun. Even if you have two left feet and no sense of rhythm, their teaching method will have you feeling comfortable from the very first lesson.

Lessons and classes are available for Beginners,  Improvers,  Wedding Couples,  Medallists,  and Competitors.

Beginner Classes are 10 week sessions during which you learn the basics of Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha, and Jive.

This will give you the skills to comfortably get up at any function and dance with confidence.

It is clearly an advantage to have a partner, but this is not essential.

Improver classes which add new variations to the basic steps and improve your dancing ability follow on from that.

Beginner or experienced dancer, your needs can be catered for in a friendly, fun atmosphere in either a class or private lesson situation.

Classes and Private Lessons are held in our specially designed Dance Studio in Whangarei.

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