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Beginner Classes        Private Lessons           Wedding Dance Tuition

Improver and Advanced Classes                 Class Timetable


Ballroom & Latin American

Dance Classes

  10 Week  Beginners  Course


Instep Dance Studio

 42 Reyburn House Lane

Teens / Adults

New Beginner Class

Starts Thursday July 14th

7pm to 8pm



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Beginner Classes are 10 week sessions during which you learn the basics of Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep, Cha Cha, and Jive. This will give you the skills to comfortably get up at any function and dance with confidence.

Coming to class with a partner is an advantage, but this is not essential as we try ensure you get to dance with a partner for most of the class.

We do change partners occasionally during the class as this helps to improve your "leading and following" ability.

Charges Per Person:

Adults      -   $150 for the course (minimum of 5 lessons in advance)

Teenagers -   $120 for the course (minimum of 5 lessons in advance)

                  Please Note: No Eftpos or Credit Card payment available.

Requirements - Comfortable footwear (No stilettos allowed), smart casual clothing.

It is important to try and attend every class as something new is taught most weeks.

Private Lessons are available to help you catch up on steps you may have missed or are having difficulty with.

              Other Classes and Lessons

    *  Classes for Social Dancers, Improvers, and Advanced. Classes every night of the week

   Private Lessons during the day and early evening

   *  We cater for Beginners, Improvers, Medal Tests, and Competitions

    *  Wedding Dance Tuition - Basic Dance up to Choreographed Masterpiece

Class Timetable

  Classes for Term 2 2022  
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2.00pm Private Lessons

7.00pm - Level 7 Ballroom/Latin Class

2.00pm Private Lessons

7.00pm - Level 3 Ballroom/Latin Class

2.00pm Private Lessons

7.00pm - Beginner Ballroom/Latin Class

No classes 2.30pm - 6.30pm

Private Lessons

Studio entrance is at 42 Reyburn House Lane (just along from the Town Basin)

  Term Dates Term 2

2nd May to 4th July


3rd May to 5th July


4th May to 6th July


6th May to 8th July

                          Private Lessons

Private Lessons for individuals or couples are usually for half an hour. You get one-on-one tuition covering the things you wish to work on.  You will usually make much faster progress this way. Some practice at home or in a class is always beneficial.

These are particularly useful to help you catch up on things you may have missed out on in class or are having difficulty with. They are also good for improving your technical skills, and for "nervous" beginners as a lead in to class lessons.

Wedding Dance Tuition

Getting married soon ??  Congratulations.

If you want to get through your "First Dance" at the wedding without tripping over each other and being embarrassed, we can help. From a Basic Dance up to Choreographed Masterpiece we can make your first dance a great experience.

You get one-on-one tuition, and learn steps that fit the music you have chosen.

The cost is $45 per half hour. You will probably need about 6 to 8  lessons, depending on how quickly you pick up the steps, how complicated you want the routine to be, and how much practice you do.

Contact Us by phone or send an Enquiry for further details or to book your lessons.