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Think that learning to dance is too difficult ???

Think it's not something real men do  ???

Tried it years ago but got put off  ???

No sense of rhythm  ???

Got two left feet  ???

Tone deaf  ???

We've heard it all before and we've taught hundreds of people who thought the same (particularly men).

They've discovered just how much fun dancing can be.

They now wonder why they put it off for so long.

But don't take our word for it.

Here's what they've said themselves ...................... 


* "We've loved this class and intend to go on"  - Jill & John

*"I found the method of teaching very easy to follow"  -  Jim

*"Loved every minute"  -  Jan

*"I've thoroughly enjoyed myself at every class. This experience has been really wonderful"  -  Nicky

*"We've had a wonderful time - it's been a neat thing for us to do as a couple. Thank you."  -  S & B

So get over all the reasons why you shouldn't come to our dance classes - and take the plunge today. You'll be glad you did.

It really is easy - and it's fun.

And ladies - if your husband or boyfriend won't come to classes, Try:-

bribery - (offer him anything),

shaming - (surely you’re not a scaredy cat - even burly All Blacks like Norm Hewitt dance),

playing on his conscience - (honey this is one thing I really, really want to do – and I promise I’ll never buy another pair of shoes – ever),

his vanity - (sweetheart I don’t want to learn to dance in the arms of another man – I want to dance with my handsome husband)

and anything else that will get him there – it will be worth it, and he'll be glad you did.