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Come Dancing

Get dressed up and join us for a great time

Ballroom  *   Latin American    *    Old Time   *    New Vogue

Tea Dance

Sunday Afternoon

April 15th

3.30pm till 6.30pm - $12pp

A mixture of Ballroom & Latin

 with more Sequence Dancing than on Saturday nights

Light refreshments served at half time




Saturday Night Dance

April 28th

8pm till Midnight - $15pp

A mixture of Ballroom, Latin, & Sequence Dancing

 Great Supper  ***   Great Music

($5 Discount if you bring a plate of

finger food of similar value for supper)

Snowball  *  Monte Carlo  *  Door Prizes

Riverbank Ballroom

Instep Dance Studio

42 Reyburn House Lane

Please Note : No EFTPOS Available


Waltz   *   Gypsy Tap   *   Cha Cha Cha   *   Mayfair Quickstep  *  Foxtrot   *  Balmoral Blues  *  Merrilyn    *   Rumba  

Square Tango  *  Quickstep  *  Saunter Together  *  Jive   *   Tangoette  *  Veleta    *  Swing Waltz  *  Samba  

 *   Evening  Three Step  *  Tango  *  Charmaine  *  Barclay Blues *  Lucille Waltz  *   Maxina  *  Tango Solaire  * 

Excelsior Schottishe   *  Sefton Foxtrot  *   Tango Teriffic  *  Tracie Leigh Waltz  *  Saunter Reve  *  And More !!

Following Dance Dates

Sunday May 13th - Tea Dance

Saturday May 26th - Dance

Dances on the 2nd Sunday Afternoon and 4th Saturday Night of each month (except January)