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Medal Test Results - December 2012









49 Medal Tests Danced

37 Honours, 12 Highly Commended 

Whangarei dancer Lee Cocurullo scored an impressive honours pass for all four dances in her Silver Bar Latin American test during Ballroom and Latin American medal tests conducted on December 8th for InStep Dance Studio pupils by Federal Association of Dance Teachers Examiner Maurice Taylor, of Auckland. Her marks were 95 for Jive, 94 for Cha Cha Cha, 94 for Samba, and 93 for Rumba.

Second highest mark went to Renee Kalkoff with 94 for Jive and 92 for Cha Cha in her Elementary Bronze Latin American test.

Third highest mark went jointly to Mary Evans with 93 for Merrilyn and 93 for Gypsy Tap and Amy Clements with 93 for Rumba and 93 for Jive in their Elementary Bronze tests.

The adjudicator, Mr Maurice Taylor is a former world top 10 professional competitor, and Fellow and Examiner of the Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing.

Mr Taylor said he was very impressed with the high standard of dancing and this showed the quality of training the candidates had received.

The results are below:-

 Elementary Bronze Ballroom

Junior -            Honours Jessica Byrne

Adult -              Honours  Amy Clements, Rene Kalkoff, Logan Kopa, Karen Leslie, Ronan Skelton

Senior -           Honours Janice Brownlee, Michael Kalkoff, Bettina Harvie, Chris Harvie

Elementary Bronze Latin American

Junior -            Honours Jessica Byrne

Adult -              Honours - Amy Clements, Rene Kalkoff, Ronan Skelton

                          Highly Commended - Logan Kopa, Karen Leslie

Senior -           Honours - Michael Kalkoff

                         Highly Commended Janice Brownlee, Bettina Harvie, Chris Harvie

Elementary Bronze New Vogue

Adult -             Honours  Amy Clements

                         Highly Commended   Sarah Buckland

Senior -           Honours - Mike Jones, Mary Evans

Advanced Bronze Ballroom

Juvenile -        Honours Tayla Smith

Junior -            Honours - Mariah Rich

Adult -              Honours -  Ezra Holliday, Tracy Tobin

                          Highly Commended - Michelle Robinson

Advanced Bronze Latin American

Adult -              Honours -  Dwayne Collecutt, Ezra Holliday

Elementary Silver Ballroom

Adult -              Honours - Bronwyn Taylor, Dwayne Collecutt

Elementary Silver Latin American

Adult -              Honours - Bronwyn Taylor, Kathy Wallace, Christine Taylor

Elementary Silver New Vogue

Senior -            Honours - Muriel Chittenden

Advanced Silver Ballroom

Adult -              Honours - Kathy Wallace

                          Highly Commended - Felicity Green

Senior -           Honours - Gerald Hammett, Brendon O'Sullivan, Mike Jones

                          Highly Commended - Julian De Beer

Advanced Silver Latin American

Senior -             Honours Diane McKearney, Mary Evans

Advanced Silver New Vogue

Adult -               Honours - Christine Taylor

Silver Bar Ballroom

Adult -              Honours Virginia Stanaway                                                                       

Senior -           Honours - Dave Eskildsen

Silver Bar Latin American

Adult -               Honours Lee Cocurullo