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Medal Test Results - December 2014









22 Medal Tests Danced

22 Honours passes


Ann-Marie Petty; Mike Jones; John Fell; Diane McKearney;                                  Virginia Stanaway                        

Dave Eskildsen; Leanne Vuletich; Mary Evans; Adele Croucher                                                                                   

Pupils from Whangarei’s  InStep Dance Studio were all awarded honours passes by Federal Association of Dance Teachers Examiner Maurice Taylor, of Auckland, in the latest round of Ballroom Medal Test Exams held in December.

With each dance being judged out of a possible 100 marks, the top placing went to Virginia Stanaway in her advanced Gold Ballroom exam. She gained an impressive 95 for Waltz, 95 for Tango, 96 for Foxtrot and 96 for Quickstep.

Second highest mark went to Mary Evans with 94 for Waltz, 94 for Tango, 95 for Foxtrot and 96 for Quickstep in her advanced Gold Ballroom exam. She gained third spot 95, 95, 93, for the 3 dances of her Advanced Silver New Vogue Sequence exam.

Mr Taylor is considered the country's top examiner and is a former world top 10 professional competitor and Fellow and Examiner of the Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing.

Mr Taylor said the standard of dancing seemed to get better each year and it was rare for him to award honours passes to all dancers. This showed the quality of training the candidates had received.

The results are below:-

Advanced Gold  Ballroom

Adult -             Honours - Virginia Stanaway 

Senior -           Honours - Mary Evans, Linda Worthington

Elementary Gold Ballroom

Adult -             Honours – Felicity Green 

Silver Bar Ballroom

Adult -              Honours – Leanne Vuletich

Senior -           Honours - Diane McKearney

Silver Bar Latin American

Adult -             Honours – Mike Jones

Advanced Silver Ballroom

Adult -              Honours – Adele Croucher

Adult -             Honours – Tracey Tobin

Advanced Silver Latin American

Adult -             Honours – Adele Croucher

Advanced Silver New Vogue

Senior -           Honours - Mary Evans, Ann-Marie Petty

Elementary Silver Ballroom

Adult -              Honours – Alison Ru

Elementary Silver Latin American

Adult -              Honours - Alison Ru

Elementary Silver New Vogue

Senior  -              Honours – Dave Eskildsen, Ann-Marie Petty

Advanced Bronze Ballroom

Adult -             Honours -  Shaun Bingley, Megan deLorm, Tyler Payne, Tania Wilson

Elementary Bronze Ballroom

Junior -           Honours – Ariana Saunt

Elementary Bronze New Vogue

Senior -           Honours – John Fell